Dins la futurament aclamada sèrie "cinema per subnormals", avui frases selectes de…

Son of the Mask

Odin: [in the body of a shopkeeper] You know, Thor never gave me this kind of trouble.
Loki: Oh, here we go again with the Thor crap. Thor, Thor, Thor! You know, father, I’m not like Thor. I’m never gonna be like Thor. I just wish that – can’t you just love me for who I am and not for who I’m not?
Odin: No! I want you to be more like Thor!

Tim Avery: Okay, you give me Alvey, and the mask is yours.
Loki: [takes the mask and turns away with Alvey] I can’t let go. I’ve grown attached.
Tonya Avery: Alvey!
Tim Avery: Hey, we had a deal!
Loki: I’m the God of friggin’ Mischief, what did you expect?

Tonya Avery: Do you need anything while I’m out? I’m just gonna go make a baby with the neighbor.

Loki: [looks at the mask and sees it’s a fake] THIS IS A FAKE!
Dr. Neuman: Yes, but it’s a good fake.

Odin: [possessing the shopkeeper] Fool! What in Helveti were you about to do to this shopkeep?
Loki: Nothing, I…
Odin: Fool! Don’t lie to me! You know Thor never gave me this kind of trouble.
Loki: Here we go again with the Thor crap.

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