Dins la futurament aclamada sèrie "cinema per subnormals", avui frases selectes de…

House of the Dead

Greg: [pointing on a zombie in the water] Shoot it!
Capt. Victor Kirk: What do you think I am trying to do, you fucking moron?

Rudy: You did all this to become immortal. Why?
Castillo: To live forever!

Salish: Cap’n! Cap’n! I’m not goin’. I’m not goin’! There’s evil spirits on that island!
Capt. Victor Kirk: You just go get the decks lined and let me worry about the evil spirits. Okay, Salish?

Rudy: We finally got to the boat but it wasn’t there.

Alicia: Guys, check out this book. Looks pretty old, maybe it’ll help us!

[after being attacked by Castillo]
Alicia: Isn’t it nice to know someone wants you for you body?
Rudy: Yeah. Depending on what they want.

Jordan Casper: Who was that thing?
Karma: Our best friend.
Jordan Casper: Not anymore.

Alicia: These are zombies, pure and simple.

Simon: What’re we going to do? We don’t have weapons or food. We don’t have shit!
Capt. Victor Kirk: Actually, we do.

Rudy: Who’s the guy with the Tom Cruise smile and the Rainman brain?

Rogan: Who are you?
Rudy: Who are YOU?
Rogan: We’re here to rescue you.
Rudy: Oh… thanks.

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